• 1.1. nuevo
  • 1.2. sequels, remakes, and adaptations
  • 1.3. bellyache
  • 1.4. buffalo buffalo
  • 1.5. otis-carl
  • 1.6. the boy considers his haircut
  • 1.7. el nino considers his failures
  • 1.8. joana, in five acts
  • 1.9. beer & nyquil (hold it together)
  • 1.10. it's not interesting
  • 1.11. aloha to no one
15. Juni 2018
Label: UNCLE M

spanish love songs

schmaltz (col.vinyl)

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Spanish Love Songs is a five piece punk band based in Los Angeles, CA. They formed in 2014 after the demise of a previous band and a chance Craiglist post about lonely people looking to go to punk shows. Their sound combines the energy of drunken bar shows with the immediacy of intimate, lived-in lyrics. Self released in 2015 (and later reissued on Wiretap Records), their first album, "Giant Sings the Blues," chronicles singer Dylan Slocum's mid-twenties through songs about apathy, anxiety, and a slowly disintegrating marriage, all told over fast drums and rousing power chords. They are currently prepping for the release of their second album, "schmaltz", which finds the band expanding their sound both musically and lyrically. More anthemic than ... read more