• 1.1. at night
  • 1.2. recognition
  • 1.3. naive
  • 1.4. johnny won't get to heaven
  • 1.5. johnny won't get to heaven (edit)
  • 1.6. johnny won't get to heaven (live)
  • 1.7. interview
  • 1.8. at night
  • 1.9. trevor's sob
30. Januar 2015
Genre: Punk

killjoys, the



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Limited repressing of a long lost Killjoys mini album which originally came out on DG back in 1991, This time it's on red, white and blue vinyl! Before Kevin Rowland discovered the joys of making menswear and even before he launched Dexys Midnight Runners he was the lead singer in this great punk band from the Midlands. Originally called Lucy & The Lovers and more jazz orientated, Kevin caught the first of a series of wind of changes and hitched a ride on punk with his girlfriend Heather on backing vocals and the gorgeous Gem on bass whom he exploited to the full even encouraging her wearing of sexually alluring clothing!!!! One single Johnny Won't Get To Heaven / Naive Records 1977). Raw Classic amphetamine punk. Another great track t Night' on the ... read more