• 1.1. incarnate 365
  • 1.2. no one
  • 1.3. systems overload
  • 1.4. armenian persecution
  • 1.5. grace of the unholy
  • 1.6. forevers horizon
  • 1.7. mediator
  • 1.8. salvations malevolence
  • 1.9. fading away
  • 1.10. jimson isolation
  • 1.11. the screams
  • 1.12. search for divinity
  • 1.13. unveiled tomorrows


systems overload

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Red vinyl limited to 800! INTEGRITY reinvents itself with each release. Their debut full-length, Those Who Fear Tomorrow, became a blueprint for dark metallic hardcore. Mixing what they had accomplished with TWFT, the band incorporated elements of Japanese hardcore to their ever-evolving sound. The influence of band like G.I.S.M., ZOUO, and GAUZE gave their sound a more confrontational attitude apparent in their follow up LP, Systems Overload. Originally released in 1995, Systems Overload was a shock to the hardcore scene that was focused more on politically correct ideas than the sheer brutality of the music. They reveled in being the outcasts and made no apologies. Systems Overload marks the third chapter from the first volume of one of the most ... read more