• 1.1. bathtub
  • 1.2. fair leather friends
  • 1.3. the queen is dead
  • 1.4. swing and a miss
  • 1.5. down with the ship
  • 1.6. negative reel
  • 1.7. that time i killed my mom
  • 1.8. fuck you all
  • 1.9. pre arraigned marriage
  • 1.10. punk rock saved my life
26. April 2019

cokie the clown

you're welcome

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Cokie The Clown, Fat Mike's alter ego, has completed his first full-length album, You're Welcome, and it will be available on April 26th! The nearly year-long recording sessions are a glimpse into what lies beneath the madness and genius of Fat Mike. Here he lays open his deepest regrets, fears, and experiences in a raw and thoughtful manner. It is not a happy record; however, today is the day that you can listen to perhaps the most uplifting song on the album, "Punk Rock Saved My Life." YOU'RE WELCOME! Because after this track, it is all going downhill. Comprised of ten tracks, the album features a who's who of A-list talent that assisted him throughout the nearly year-long recording sessions. Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle) ... read more