• 1.1. sodom, gomorrah, washington d.c. (s
  • 1.2. the economy is sufferin...let it di
  • 1.3. the gre(a)t depression
  • 1.4. we are the one
  • 1.5. you are fired (take this job)
  • 1.6. this is the first night
  • 1.7. no war without warriors (how do you
  • 1.8. when all the lights go out
  • 1.9. on independence day
  • 1.10. the old guard
  • 1.11. teenage kennedy lobotomy


the people or the gun

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The seventh full-length ANTI-FLAG album "The People or the Gun" is the first Anti-Flag release on SideOneDummy and starts off fast and furious as Chris #2 takes aim at those who use the Bible to control the masses. If the album's second track, "The Economy is Suffering. Let It Die," isn't nearly as reckless, it's just as impassioned, as Justin Sane weighs in on the government bailouts of 2008, asking "Where are all the bailouts for the homeless and the poor?" It's just the sort of question bands like Anti-Flag were born to ask. And there are plenty of those moments on "The People or the Gun." After fulfilling their two-record contract with a major, RCA Records, the band built a studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, their hometown, to cut their first ... read more