12. April 2019
Genre: Pop

world brain

peer 2 peer

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Über diesen Artikel

However far back you trace its triumph, we seem to still be living in Poptimism's world. It is unclear, however, what kind of world that is. It has always been a self-referential optimism: Pop was promised to deliver the pleasures of Pop; nothing less or more. We were never given an impression of what a Pop utopianism might look like. Utopia is no-place; utopianism is concerned with the invisible potentials that sleep in the interstices of our world. Fenster's Lucas Ufo, who records as WORLD BRAIN, is preoccupied with the aethers that surrounds us - he lists among his inspirations for Peer 2 Peer, sitting at the windows and "watching WiFi enter the room." Perhaps this is the core of the utopian imagination - staring intently at those parts of the ... mehr lesen