21. September 2012
Genre: Dance

woolford, paul

pursuit / crank call

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Über diesen Artikel

With forthcoming music being released on Carl Craig's Planet E, Scuba's Hotflush Recordings, and London's Phonica label, Paul Woolford keeps reinventing himself and pushing the boundaries, maintaining a hectic tour schedule playing key clubs globally such as Panorama Bar, Fabric, Warung and D Edge in Brazil, and for the 6th year, the renewal of his key We Love. Space on Sundays residency in Ibiza. Woolford continues his recent hotstreak with a contribution to Halo Cyan's limited 12" series. A killer double-header of no-nonsense dance music in the house-driven bass idiom. "Pursuit" gains momentum at a steady pace, making it all but impossible to resist movment as each new layer of drums and synths is carefully laid out by this master practicioner. ... mehr lesen