• 1.1. cheo marquetti y su conjunto (1957)
  • 1.2. vicentico valdés con la sonora matancera (1953)
  • 1.3. mariano mercerón y sus muchachos pimienta (1944)
  • 1.4. senén suárez y su conjunto del tropicana night club (1953)
  • 1.5. orquesta aragón (1957)
  • 1.6. rené alvarez y su conjunto los astros (1950)
  • 1.7. arsenio rodríguez y su conjunto (1959-60)
  • 1.8. joseíto fernández con orquesta aragón (1957)
  • 1.9. conjunto flores valdés (1955)
  • 1.10. conjunto casino (1952) - magdalena
  • 1.11. randy carlos and his orchestra (1958)
  • 1.12. alfonsin quintana y su conjunto jovenes del cayo (1951-53)
  • 1.13. trío matamoros (1950)
  • 1.14. chapuseaux y damirón. (1950-1954)
01. Dezember 2017


roots of salsa vol. 1 - classic latin tunes...


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Limited Edition of 500 LPs on black Vinyl. 300g Cardboard Sleeve with nice Graphic Design. Incl. Bonus CD Insert with Spanish/English liner notes by Pablo "Bongohead" Yglesias Some tracks have been remastered and restored and some are presented on vinyl after many years. Format and selection was designed for DJs, collectors and general public. Pablo Yglesias -aka DJ Bongohead- compiles to Grosso Recordings an amazing serie with classics tunes from Caribbean music that became great successes of "Salsa". "This series is born of my investigations into the music I love, digging deep into the Afro-Antillean songbook from the golden period of Latin music to unearth older - sometimes definitive or at the very least early hit renditions - of tunes that ... mehr lesen