• 1.1. you will never find another love like mine - john holt
  • 1.2. lovin' you - janet kay
  • 1.3. i can't give you anything (but my love) - the j sisters
  • 1.4. feel like makin' love - elizabeth archer & the equators
  • 1.5. where is the love? - sonya spence
  • 1.6. i'm still in love with you - marcia aitken
  • 1.7. tell me a lie - candy mckenzie
  • 1.8. loving pauper - ruddy thomas & trinity
  • 1.9. keep it like it is - louisa mark
  • 1.10. walk away - marie pierre
18. November 2016
Genre: Reggae


original lovers rock classics


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Über diesen Artikel

180g Vinyl! In the mid-1970s, many UK-based reggae fans found musical fulfillment in the first home-produced style to be successfully exported to Jamaica: Lovers Rock. This romantic style continued to dominate the UK scene well into the eighties and beyond, with both British and Jamaican acts enjoying considerable success on the reggae and mainstream pop charts. Featured here are 10 of the best-loved Lovers Rock tracks ever released, performed by some of its greatest exponents, with many of these recordings appearing on vinyl for the first time since their original release. Pressed on high quality 180gm vinyl and presented in a stylishly designed sleeve.