• 1.1. understand
  • 1.2. true
  • 1.3. labasa
  • 1.4. arms away
  • 1.5. moon under water
  • 1.6. not that man
  • 1.7. seventeen
  • 1.8. good brains
  • 1.9. alisa
02. Oktober 2015
Genre: Pop

valley, chad

entirely new blue

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Über diesen Artikel

Chad Valley is an extraordinary songwriter, imbuing his larger-than-life pop jams with color and candor. The UK artist returns this Fall with his sophomore album, Entirely New Blue - the latest chapter in a career that has seen him collaborate with the likes of Twin Shadow, Glasser and Active Child, tour with Erasure, Foals and TEED, and win over audiences around the world with his killer live show. Illustrating Chad Valley's personal and musical growth, Entirely New Blue is a more mature body of work that shows him operating with increasing depth and complexity.