• 1.1. cold comfort (feat. rachel goswell of slowdive)
  • 1.2. church of trees
  • 1.3. in the garden (feat. lina tullgren)
  • 1.4. foggy figures
  • 1.5. blue september (feat. lisbet fritze)
  • 2.1. trnt
  • 2.2. one last kiss to remember (feat. lisbet fritze)
  • 2.3. sleeper
  • 2.4. try a little (feat. jennylee of warpaint)
  • 2.5. giants
27. September 2019
Genre: Elektro


obverse (black/white vinyl)


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Über diesen Artikel

"The only thing I knew from the beginning was that this didn't absolutely have to be an album I should be able to play live, with a band. That's been a consideration on every record since The Last Resort. Obverse was always going to be about exploring the possibilities in my studio, with no consideration of how it could be performed on a stage, and it was completely liberating." It's a work method that yielded great results for the legendary German Kosmiche/Motorik experimentalists of the 1970's. Intentional or not, Obverse embodies more than a little of that spirit without even a hint of pastiche.