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copenhagen climax ost

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The fantastic new vinyl release from ROCKFORD KABINE is an original, contemporary analogue soundtrack for the Super 8mm adult feature film COPENHAGEN CLIMAX, directed by HANS FREDRICK VON LILJEWAHL. Featuring a deep and erotic blend of Electronica, Trip Hop, Progressive Rock and provocative original songwriting, the COPENHAGEN CLIMAX soundtrack is being released on SALON ELEGANCE RECORDINGS. The title track is performed by the uniquely unique MARCELLA AND THE FORGET ME NOTS, featuring Marcella Puppini of Puppini Sisters fame, a sultry seductress of mystery who is also the official Mayoress of Camden, London 2013-14. COPENHAGEN CLIMAX is LILJEWAHL's second Super 8mm adult film after his debut HOXXXTON and stars MADAME ADORE, ADREENA WINTERS, SEBASTIAN ... mehr lesen