• 1.1. hustle (intro)
  • 1.2. infrared remix (feat. sam dew)
  • 1.3. you are now poison
  • 1.4. ages upon ages upon you
  • 1.5. genderations
  • 1.6. still pretending
  • 1.7. sunday service
  • 1.8. what they got
  • 1.9. sará teflón

prefuse 73

forsyth gardens


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Über diesen Artikel

It has been four years since Guillermo S. Herren released anything significant from his most famous and respected moniker, Prefuse 73 (though he did keep busy with live shows, collaborations, and remixes). That's a long time for virtually any artist, but it's an eternity for Herren, whose first three Prefuse 73 albums dropped in the span of four years. As if to make up for lost time, 2015 will see the release of not one, but three major works from Prefuse 73. After several albums that saw Herren progressively drift away from the beatmaking prowess that made him synonymous with emotionally resonant, damaged hip-hop, he's found himself reinvigorated - thanks in large part to an emotionally draining, creatively cashed few years. As Herren puts it, "I've ... mehr lesen