• 1.1. raise up
  • 1.2. stickin'
  • 1.3. let's do it again
  • 1.4. crossed fingers
  • 1.5. my number
  • 1.6. hella fella
  • 2.1. when i get you alone
  • 2.2. ghost of a tear
  • 2.3. walking by the sea
  • 2.4. satisfied
  • 2.5. machines on the run
  • 2.6. kicks on ice
02. September 2016
Genre: Pop


breaking up the static

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Über diesen Artikel

140g Vinyl inkl. Downloadcode! Started to work on the album "Breaking Up The Static" at the end of 2014. He was rembering the track ,Let's Do It Again" and got his hands on it to finish it. He worked with Angelo Boltini (Gitarre & Bass), Colin Benders aka Kyteman (Trumpet), Medway Smith (Mixing). Tessa Rose Jackson is the featured guest: it was the intention to feature her on 1 track - later it became 12 tracks with her voice on it.