• 1.1. prime 3-d
  • 1.2. l'amour and her hot-wired hands
  • 1.3. a glow in the night
  • 1.4. only us
  • 1.5. ascend to spirit 7
  • 1.6. the gate of the glittering gene
  • 1.7. 81 love
  • 1.8. through a cso window in zero g
  • 1.9. tears over chroma
11. Oktober 2019
Genre: Elektro

phono ghosts

warm pad, sharp stab

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Über diesen Artikel

Phono Ghosts presents his fourth collection of cassette tape memories brought back from the celestial library of ferric dreams. 'Warm Pad, Sharp Stab' sees Phono Ghosts delving deeper into downtempo territory with a heady concoction of night-swoon mood beats, portentous synth pulsing and DX-driven funk, mixed with drifting mystical atmospherics, '80s TV soundtrack melancholia, cosmic ceremonials and swirling fretless bass romanticism. Fuzzy analogue swells and digital fantasy bells. Warm pads, and sharp stabs.