• 1.1. disconnect
  • 1.2. flicker
  • 1.3. everything's awkward
  • 1.4. just like the moon
  • 1.5. clubbing at thirty
  • 1.6. broadcast (from you to me)
  • 1.7. i don't
  • 1.8. nightflying
31. März 2017
Genre: Pop

perfect kiss, the


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Über diesen Artikel

10" Mini-LP, Green Colour Vinyl inkl. Download Card. Neues Projekt von Joe Moore (The Yearning). Hinter dem wunderbaren Pop-Outfing Perfect Kiss steht Joe Moore, auch der Kopf von The Yearning. Die 10" Mini-LP kommt in grünem Vinyl mit DL-Card. THE PERFECT KISS is a new project led by the multifaceted Joe Moore, whom many of you already know from his "classic pop" facet fronting projects like THE YEARNING and Lia Pamina. THE PERFECT KISS is another exercise in composition and arrangements for our Brit, but this time with a radically different register. "Disconnect" is a mini-LP of electro-pop, recorded with only a keyboard from 1985 - the Yamaha PortaSound PSS-450, that his friend Jeanie Pugh's father gave him. His companion on this new adventure is ... mehr lesen