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06. Oktober 2017

o.s.t. / zimmer, hans & howard, james newton

batman begins (original film soundtrack) - blue lp

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Über diesen Artikel

DLP on "Bhutan Blue Flower" Vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Majestic soundtrack by two of the film world's greatest contemporary composers. In this first film from the "Dark Knight Trilogy", director Christopher Nolan took DC Comic's classic character in a different and altogether darker direction. Released in 2005, the movie was a critical and commercial success, now widely regarded as the best superhero film of the 2000's. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's moody, intense score perfectly complements director Christopher Nolan's dark world using a sound palette that successfully taps into the psychological aspects of the story as well as the psyche of the main character himself. The track names are all species of bat and many of them have featured ... mehr lesen