• 1.1. retaliation
  • 1.2. diverted
  • 1.3. bunker ft shannen sp
  • 1.4. un sanctions
  • 1.5. fim-92 stinger
  • 1.6. immortal
  • 2.1. mother
  • 2.2. arms deal
  • 2.3. why
  • 2.4. intercept
  • 2.5. end of guerrilla
13. März 2020
Genre: Dance




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Über diesen Artikel

Angolan producer Nazar coined the term "Rough Kuduro" as an interpretation of the Kuduro musical style, translating the upbeat sound to expose the uglier side of what he saw in Angola, heard first on 2019's astonishing six track `Enclave' EP. `Guerrilla', Nazar's debut album, examines his family's collective memory and country's past, threading together oral histories, political realities, and artful re-imaginings of direct horrors, to document his personal story of the 25 year Angolan civil war and its aftermath in a detailed and episodic manner, particularly how his father's rank as a Rebel General led to a prolonged and continuing separation of his family across continents. Nazar tells his story both impressionistically, and at times with stark ... mehr lesen