• 1.1. intro > lively up yourself
  • 1.2. 400 years
  • 1.3. stir it up
  • 1.4. slave driver
  • 1.5. stop that train
  • 1.6. kinky reggae
  • 1.7. concrete jungle
  • 1.8. get up stand up > outro (dj banter)

marley, bob & the wailers

live in 73

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180g Vinyl! 1973er (Radio-)Gig zum legendären 'Catch A Fire'-Album! Jetzt auch als LP! Live At Paul's Mall, Boston MA 11th July 1973 Back in July 1973, Bob Marley and The Wailers were about to embark on their first international tour to promote their latest album 'Catch A Fire'. Released in April 1973, it had broken into the UK and USA charts and caught the attention of influential music critics everywhere. Reggae music was on the verge of being a global phenomenon and The Wailers had secured a vantage point in its delivery through Island records' boss Chris Blackwell. Before the supporting roles with Bruce Springsteen and Sly and The Family Stone, the band was booked into Boston's premier jazz venue, Paul's Mall, for a week-long residency. There can ... mehr lesen