• 1.1. ellos dicen mierda
  • 1.2. get the ball rolling
  • 1.3. guarda avanti 2.0
  • 1.4. i have a dream (feat. paul heaton)
  • 1.5. bmx punx
  • 1.6. it's time
  • 1.7. a message pour toi (feat. elisa dixan)
  • 1.8. schönen cafe (feat. dirk & elf - the slime)
  • 1.9. joy joy joy
  • 1.10. rude firm
  • 1.11. il suono della strada (feat. dj koma aka mauràs)
  • 1.12. marichiweu
  • 1.13. you
14. Juni 2019
Genre: Ska

los fastidios

joy joy joy

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Über diesen Artikel

After 2 years since the last The Sound of Revolution, the ninth and much-anticipated new Los Fastidios album is coming on may the 16th of may 2019 on Kob Records (Italy) in collaboration with Potencial Hardcore (Madrid) and Fire and Flames Music (Kiel) !!!! Titled JOY JOY JOY, the new full lenght of this italian band on the road since 1991, includes 13 tracks in the classic Los Fastidios style, that's a winning blend of street sounds...streetpunk, ska, oi!, rocksteady, reggae, melodic punk and a touch of pop, sung in italian, spanish, english, a touch of french and for the first time also one song in german !!! 10 new songs, 2 cover songs "Ellos dicen mierda" of Basque Country band La Polla Records and "Joy Joy Joy" popular song in a funny ska ... mehr lesen