• 1.1. palmiers sauvages
  • 1.2. effet de nuit
  • 1.3. où est passée ton ame?
  • 1.4. fusée
  • 1.5. voyage à cythère
  • 1.6. la terre entière
  • 1.7. tant que tu respires
  • 1.8. fortune
  • 1.9. visions de dieu
  • 1.10. depuis le ciel
18. Oktober 2019
Genre: Pop

la feline

vie future

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Über diesen Artikel

There are moments in our lives when birth and death intersect and engage in dialogue for a moment. Often, this is done in silence. La Féline decided to go the musical route. Vie Future, the third album by musician and author Agnès Gayraud (she is just about to publish her recent philosophical essay Dialectic of Pop in English (Urbanomic, 2019), is a truly cosmic record.
At once deep and airborne, like the musician herself, it is an album concerned with the cycle of life - that arc in which the cosmos expresses itself in the physical world, and where worries about the present never stand in the way of joy. The songwriting process began in February 2018, when Agnès' stepfather was about to pass on, just as she was herself about to give birth. She ... mehr lesen