• 1.1. glass
  • 1.2. victims
  • 1.3. backward
  • 1.4. nine
  • 1.5. curious (ft miss haptic)
  • 1.6. portal
  • 1.7. addiction
  • 1.8. sine
  • 2.1. correction
  • 2.2. kingstown
  • 2.3. nine samurai
  • 2.4. bodies
  • 2.5. lime
  • 2.6. quantum
  • 2.7. stalker (alt edit)

kode9 & the spaceape

memories of the future


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Über diesen Artikel

Repress of Kode9 & The Spaceape's 2006 debut album, including previously unreleased extra track "Stalker (alt edit)". Eight years on from its original CD release, and to celebrate Hyperdub's 10th birthday, the first album from Kode9 & The Spaceape finally reaches vinyl in a Record Store Day special, featuring a previously unreleased version of 'Stalker' (the original of which featured on the very first Hyperdub 10"), cut into transparent coloured vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. 'Memories Of The Future' now features 15 dread-filled flashbacks and flash-forwards from a world trembling in an echology of fear, where the future has collapsed in on the present and Mothership Earth is en route to nowhere. The album brings together a retuned version of the duo's ... mehr lesen