02. Februar 2018
Label: ALTER
Genre: Elektro

klein, nick

lowered flaming coffin

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Über diesen Artikel

Recorded in Brooklyn on an economic set-up. With a spartan modular synth and Korg MS-20, Klein describes the process of recording as "focused around the relentless role of filtering out and managing the anxiety of existing in a metropolitan area in the current political climate." Though 'Lowered Flaming Coffin' starts on an almost uplifting note with the glistening melodic cycles of 'Burning Mattresses', the asphyxia soon takes over, and the vertigo of the metropolis comes into lurching clarity for the remainder of the record. The height of the following track, 'Peña Adobe', has the panicked terror of an archaic ringtone hitting the volume of an air raid siren, melling The Sheets' skulks rather than bangs, its momentum stifled and edgy. The anguish ... mehr lesen