07. Juni 2019
Genre: Pop

klank, sweatson

super natural delight

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Über diesen Artikel

Sweatson Klank grew up on heartfelt songs and soulful grooves, collecting mountains of records in the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. His love for music was formed while drenched in the warmth of the LA sun and honesty of the 70's and 80's artists he idolized. It's only natural that now, in a world consumed and hypnotized by technology, he presents 'Super Natural Delights,' a powerfully stripped down, soulful sound that slyly nods to its listener and says "step back and reconnect."As the title alludes to "Super Natural Delights" veers away from the "future bass" tag and dives head first into the textural balance between real instrumentation and electronic enhancement. Here the multi-instrumentalist and producer plays guitars, bass, horns, flutes, and ... mehr lesen