• 1.1. tazas de té
  • 1.2. ayer y hoy
  • 1.3. el pintor
  • 1.4. tiempo de amar
  • 1.5. un paseo en bicicleta
  • 1.6. que tu m'enterres
  • 1.7. cul de sac
  • 1.8. soleil
  • 1.9. pasos en falso
  • 1.10. como en un espejo
  • 1.11. dis a ton capitaine
23. November 2018
Genre: Pop

kiki d'aki

breve encuentro

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Über diesen Artikel

"Breve encuentro" is the new Kikí d'Akí album, ten years after "No mires atrás". This awaited comeback developed over several parties and tribute shows in the last few years where María José (Jose) Serrano and Sergio López de Haro were invited to take part. The songs included here belong to different periods and authors, but they are all akin to Jose and Sergio's spirit. They see themselves reflected in them and have tried to give something back in this encounter. Almost unintentionally, these songs asked to take shape together. In order to achieve it, Jose and Sergio chose a succinct format of just vocal and guitar, plus the occasional contribution of a few friends on vocals. For the production and mastering they enrolled Ramón Leal, who captured ... mehr lesen