• 1.1. genesis
  • 1.2. helix
  • 1.3. phantom
  • 1.4. civilization
  • 1.5. canon
  • 1.6. d.a.n.c.e.
  • 1.7. horsepower
  • 1.8. newlands
  • 2.1. stress
  • 2.2. waters of nazareth
  • 2.3. audio video disco
  • 2.4. encore
  • 2.5. on'n on
  • 2.6. phantom ii
10. März 2017
Genre: Elektro


access all arenas (2017 edition)

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Über diesen Artikel

(2017 Reissue, neues Packaging) "With Access All Arenas" ist sozusagen Justices "Best Of live". Die Aufnahmen stammen von ihren Gig in Nîmes im Juli 2012, der Teil ihrer fast einjährigen Welt-Tournee war. New Packaging 2017 Unique Re-edition : Gatefold, Double Vinyl, Poster 60x30, CD. Ten years ago, 'We Are Your Friends' reached our ears and pushed Justice to the front of the scene, a young French duo signed by Pedro Winter on the label he had just created: Ed Banger Records. The record that followed, +, was an album of condensed jerky electro, of disco reminiscences and heavy metal energy, with unstoppable tunes like 'D.A.N.C.E', 'Stress' and 'Phantom', and its videos, allowed Justice to follow the 90's French Touch and its filtered disco loop. ... mehr lesen