• 1.1. the trooper
  • 1.2. symphony of destruction
  • 1.3. rock the night
  • 1.4. seasons in the abyss
  • 1.5. we're not gonna take it
  • 1.6. blackened
  • 1.7. thunderstruck
  • 1.8. run to the hills
  • 1.9. paranoid
  • 1.10. princess of the night
  • 2.1. rock the night (demo version, usb-stick bonus tracks)
  • 2.2. blackened (demo version, usb-stick bonus tracks)


hymns in the kay of 666 (+ usb stick)


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Hellsongs saw the light of day in the early fall, 2004. They kick started with a premiere gig in a barn out on the countryside. The three piece managed to rehearse and arrange three songs and got cosmic response from the audience. Cheers and suggestions of new songs kept coming during the night and next show lurked around the corner. In late 2005 the band got a lot of airplay as Swedish media discovered the band through the epic version of Run to the Hills. This track and five more were recorded and released as the Lounge EP in 2006. During the next year Hellsongs started to build a reputation as a impressive live act and toured the Scandinavian countries heavily. In 2008 the Hellsingers released their full length debut "Hymns in the key of 666". It ... mehr lesen