• 1.1. dissident
  • 1.2. kolokol
  • 1.3. pulsing
  • 1.4. weaver (edit)
  • 1.5. projected sounds
  • 1.6. cloud cover
  • 1.7. exit through the skylight
29. Mai 2020
Label: BYTES
Genre: Elektro


dissident (ltd. transparent red vinyl)


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Über diesen Artikel

GLOK is the electronic solo project from Andy Bell of shoegaze legends RIDE (formerly of Oasis/Beady Eye/Hurricane #1). His debut album under the moniker, Dissident, was originally released last year on a limited edition cassette by Bytes, an offshoot of Ransom Note Records. That sold out in 24 hours, and was followed by a vinyl pressing of 500 copies, on transparent green vinyl, sold via Bandcamp and two online shops. However, with that edition now sold out pretty much on word of mouth, due to popular demand, Dissident is being repressed and is this time being made available to a wider audience via a partnership between Bytes and Republic of Music/K7. The name GLOK is a misspelling of the German word for Bell. The German connection fits well as ... mehr lesen