19. Dezember 2014
Genre: Pop

french boutik

mieux comme ca

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Über diesen Artikel

"French Boutik are the one band whose music captures the ESSENCE of the 60's.the energy... the style...the pre-Altamont spirit of cool; but, they cover a VERY 2014 canvas with that magical, musical paint. It's like they were all put in a time machine mid-60's and unleashed today with a desire to make modern music, but in the only way they know how...with that stylistic, mid-century modern vibe and chic that really sets them apart." - Warren Peace, host of We are the Mods! Mieux Comme Ça is the forthcoming double 7" release on copaseDisques from the Paris-based "Pop Moderniste" specialists known as French Boutik. It follows up their 2 first records, Les Chats de Gouttière on EP and Ici Paris as a double 45, which both received fantastic reviews ... mehr lesen