• 1.1. all ausländer go to heaven (reprise)
  • 1.2. deutsche pässe
  • 1.3. professional people
  • 1.4. the price of teilhabe
  • 1.5. automobile love
  • 1.6. bürogebäude in und um frankfurt
  • 1.7. dark boys
  • 1.8. freizeit '20
  • 1.9. the good policeman
  • 1.10. proposal for a worker`s anthem at dmu2 daglfing
  • 2.1. doggerland
  • 2.2. all we'll ever need
  • 2.3. in every city, in every aldi the blood of my brothers a
  • 2.4. the crowd
  • 2.5. home
  • 2.6. soziokultur
  • 2.7. transatlantic ideology
  • 2.8. mjunikcentral is a dangerous place, we need more guns t
  • 2.9. wohlfahrt
25. Juni 2021
Genre: Elektro

fehler kuti

professional people


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Über diesen Artikel

In view of the immense Black Lives Matter mobilisation in reaction to the murder of George Floyd and the comparatively meagre societal reaction to the attack in Hanau, the question arises: How come our society does not show the same empathy and solidarity towards its own fellow citizens with Kurdish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Afghan migrant backgrounds or members of the Roma and Sinti? How limited is our postcolonial discourse if we are unable to address the racist exploitation of those who repair our cars, deliver our parcels or harvest our asparagus? It's all a sham. Shake it off like a biometric photograph. Shake off that false consciousness. The Black Diaspora is a transatlantic lie invented by music curators and journalists. Embrace this ... mehr lesen