• 1.1. intro/won't back down
  • 1.2. square dance/w.t.p/kill you
  • 1.3. welcome 2 detroit
  • 1.4. no love/so bad
  • 1.5. cleaning out my closet/the way i am
  • 1.6. we're back (skit)
  • 1.7. fight music/purple pills
  • 1.8. my band
  • 1.9. airplanes part 2/stan
  • 1.10. sing for the moment/like toy soldiers
  • 1.11. forever
  • 1.12. patiently waiting
  • 1.13. i get money/in da club
  • 1.14. 'till i collapse/cinderella man
  • 1.15. ladies[skit]
  • 1.16. love the way you lie
  • 1.17. renegade
  • 1.18. my name is/the next episode/still d.r.e
  • 1.19. nuthin' but a g thang/detox[skit]
  • 1.20. crack a bottle/the real slim shady
  • 1.21. not afraid
  • 1.22. lose yourself [outro]
22. Mai 2015
Genre: Hip-Hop


live from comerica park

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- FANTASTIC 180 GRAM WHITE VINYL - STRICTLY 1000 ONLY LIMITED EDITION DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! In 2010 Eminem and Jay-Z came up with the idea of a "Home & Home Tour". One concert would be performed in Em's hometown of Detroit and the other would be performed in Jigga's stomping grounds of NYC. Hip hop fans went crazy when they first heard about it. Well, it's five years later and fans are still talking about these classic shows. The Detroit show included Eminem and his friends, which are a who's who in the hip hop world. With a performance that lasted over an hour and a half, Em blessed his hometown with all of the classic songs that made him the worldwide phenomenon he is today. "Live At Comerica Park" keeps Eminem's name ringing in the streets, as ... mehr lesen