26. November 2021
Label: N5MD
Genre: Ambient


from stasis


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Über diesen Artikel

Grey with Black marble limited to 250 copies worldwide. Comes with download card to download 24bit audio files. While his previous release, The Blur Vent (2014), had a potent witchhouse fixation, From Stasis has more in common with 2010's Ventricle or even his preceding workmanship as a member of post-industrial/IDM duo Gridlock. As a result, From Stass is a back-to-basics reexamination of Cadoo's ever-mor- phing Dryft project. The album is a collection of off-world synths and rusty syncopated 12-bit drums, all with Cadoo's distinctive grazingly lumbering approach. Devoid of previous experimentation outside the realm of electronic music, Cadoo is known.