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  • 1.2. peepsie
  • 1.3. hits line
  • 1.4. aimless
  • 1.5. leed
24. Dezember 2010
Label: SUB POP
Genre: Elektro


after parties 2


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Über diesen Artikel

Dntel is the operational alias for Los Angeles resident Jimmy Tamborello. Jimmy also sometimes records and releases music under the name James Figurine. He is also the host of the Dublab radio show "Dying Songs." And, he is also, it's true, one half of THE POSTAL SERVICE (whose 2003 album "Give Up" is Sub Pop's send best-selling album of all time). In 2007, we at Sub Pop released the most recent Dntel album, entitled "Dumb Luck" which included contributions from a whole raft of talented people too numerous to list here (a short version of that list would include members of GRIZZLY BEAR, RILO KILEY, BRIGHT EYES, and ARTHUR & YU). Sub Pop is releasing new music from Dntel in the form of a pair of companion EPs, entitled "After Parties 1" and (very ... mehr lesen