• 1.1. the phunky feel one
  • 1.2. how i could just kill a man
  • 1.3. hand on the pump
  • 1.4. real estate
  • 1.5. pigs
  • 1.6. we ain't goin'out like that
  • 1.7. i wanna get high
  • 1.8. lick a shot
  • 1.9. throw your set in the air (album version)
  • 1.10. throw your set in the air (club version)
  • 1.11. killa hill
  • 1.12. illusions (lp version)
  • 2.1. insane in the brain
  • 2.2. when the ship goes down
  • 2.3. illusions (muggs version)
  • 2.4. boom biddy bye bye (lp version)
  • 2.5. boom biddy bye bye (fugees mix version)
  • 2.6. tequila sunrise
  • 2.7. dr greenthumb
  • 2.8. audio x
  • 2.9. latin thugs
  • 2.10. rap superstar
  • 2.11. lowrider
02. November 2018
Label: 420 MUZIK
Genre: Hip-Hop

cypress hill

beats from the bong instrumentals


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Über diesen Artikel

Cypress Hill is widely respected and considered to be amongst the main progenitors of West Coast rap and Hip Hop in the early 1990s. With mega-hits like "Insane in the Brain", "I Wanna Get High" or "Tequila Sunrise" they crossed-over to mainstream breaking all records for a rap band up until that time. Cypress Hill were the first Latino-American hiphop group to have RIAA Certified platinum and multi-platinum albums. As musicians they became famous for the crazy sounds produced by DJ Muggs and Bobo and the stoner sympathetic lyrics of B-Real and Sen Dog. They redefined and shattered the boundaries of hip-hop, crafting gutter-dirty tracks that fused deep bass lines with blissful, stoned-out melodies and aggressive hard rock riffs, creating a unique ... mehr lesen