• 1.1. i don't trust a word you say
  • 1.2. we fall to pieces
  • 1.3. pretty boy
  • 1.4. see you next week
  • 1.5. the estate
  • 1.6. i'll be in peckham
  • 1.7. i'll take what i want
  • 1.8. your mommy is so hot for me
  • 1.9. the tables have now turned
  • 1.10. take them all
  • 1.11. banana thief
  • 1.12. outro song
22. Dezember 2017
Genre: Ska

buster shuffle

i'll take what i want

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Über diesen Artikel

Piano bashing cockney ska from Jet Baxter & his BUSTER SHUFFLE! It's uptempo with a punky feel. A Grey grim England under change meets the positive side, the happy London. A marriage of the positive London nutty sound of the Madness with something punkier. Did I just say Madness? Well, maybe I meant Specials. The band sometimes been described as the bastard child of Specials and Blur. New album is a bit punkier, stripped down to a four piece and under force from the punky whips of Burning Heart. More attitude and a re-born band ready to meet new and old audiences. First single "I Don't Trust A World You Say" coupled with "We Fall To Pieces", "I'll Be In Peckham", "Your Mommy Is So Hot For Me" and other varied songs ads up to a diverse and great ... mehr lesen