• 1.1. motion
  • 1.2. electric (unreleased track)
  • 1.3. country girl
  • 1.4. february
  • 1.5. underwater
  • 1.6. send me a vision (unreleased track)
  • 1.7. westerners
  • 1.8. swing

boy harsher

country girl uncut

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Über diesen Artikel

In October of 2017 Boy Harsher released the four-track EP, Country Girl. The EP was released by Ascetic House as a one time vinyl pressing of 600 copies, which sold out in a month. This new deluxe reissue titled Country Girl Uncut, includes four previously unreleased tracks, for a total of eight songs. Country Girl marked a distinct sonic shift with the band, as the EP was the first group of songs written in their new home in rural Massachusetts. The novel isolation of the Northeast gave Jae and Augustus plenty of time to write and explore new sounds, while reminiscing about their time in the south. The move also put the band within driving distance of New York City which was another important factor in their progression. The band attributes partial ... mehr lesen