• 1.1. un café pour antonio
  • 1.2. scooter kebab
  • 1.3. je ne t'ai jamais autant aimé
  • 1.4. amore synthétique
  • 1.5. la baignoire
  • 1.6. premier contact
  • 1.7. scooter rond-point
  • 1.8. clôture
  • 1.9. pointe rouge
  • 1.10. salade tomates oignons
  • 1.11. scooter plage
  • 1.12. aprés l'amour
  • 1.13. j'appelle les flics
  • 1.14. scooter hôtel
  • 1.15. bonus - scooter dub


amore synthétique


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Über diesen Artikel

Blackmail is french "synthétique" trio formed in 2010 that has already issued two "Rock" albums played with all analog synth : "Bones" in 2012 and "Dur au Mal" in 2015. This year, they are releasing their first Soundtrack made for the independent movie "Amore Synthétique", a passionate love story in between a young Italian girl and Antonio, an 80's cheap synthesizer. Marcia Romano and Benoit Sabatier's second movie his part a trilogy taking place in Marseille, the french mediterranean door to north Africa. Blackmail had only a month to compose and recorded a music that has a real part in the movie plot : their piece is Antonio's voice, shooting his love, threatening to kill his competitor, the voice of a machine that he's trying to take place in the ... mehr lesen