19. März 2021
Genre: Elektro

big hands



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Über diesen Artikel

Baroque Sunburst co-founder and Honest Jon's team member, Big Hands displays his potent production prowess on the next Oscilla Sound release with three tracks touching on organic soundscapes, illbience and muddy bass oddities. In the old city of Lakamha ancient tombs stand tall and ruined, woven with moss. Birds as old as time beat their wings over tropical forests; their cries bouncing off wet rock lassoed with carvings of Mayan symbols. '1346' begins with stirring synths and dub-echoing, low frequencies encompassing both spatiality and aberration before the heads-down atmospheric roller 'Calix's Head' lays down sharp, acid flutters and ghostly ripples. 'Louis H theme' is an ode to the radical minimalist composer Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin), whose ... mehr lesen