• 1.1. book of bringhi
  • 1.2. a cat
  • 1.3. rise from your wave
  • 1.4. peloponnese lament
  • 1.5. in a cistern
  • 1.6. into clouds
  • 1.7. for em
  • 2.1. three gates
  • 2.2. horn in deep night
  • 2.3. sky burial
  • 2.4. asura cave
  • 2.5. aran in repose
  • 2.6. lament return
31. Dezember 2049
Genre: Ambient

banhart, devendra & georgeson, noah



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Über diesen Artikel

Last spring, Devendra Banhart and Noah Georgeson started to make a record that was like nothing they had made before _ an ambient album that would be both a haven from a suddenly terrified world and a heartfelt musical dialogue between two artists who have been friends and collaborators for over two decades. Refuge is an album of profound meditative beauty which offers the listener a much-needed sense of peace and renewal. But while it was recorded in 2020 its roots go back much further _ all the way to the start of their friendship and, beyond that, to the shared sounds and ethics of their childhoods. Devendra grew up in Venezuela while Noah, six years older, is a native of Nevada City, California. But as they got to know each other, they realised ... mehr lesen