• 1.1. from beyond
  • 1.2. the resonator & main title
  • 1.3. we saw creatures
  • 1.4. back to the pretorious house
  • 1.5. crawford's anxiety
  • 1.6. pretorious' madness
  • 1.7. she's so pretty
  • 1.8. the lampyre from beyond, part 1
  • 1.9. the lampyre from beyond, part 2
  • 1.10. mutations
  • 1.11. escape from the hospital & beyond the pretorious house
  • 1.12. the final battle in the beyond
  • 1.13. catherine survives... but?
  • 1.14. end title

band, richard

from beyond (1986 original soundtrack)

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* 180 gram Pink Slime vinyl * Complete, Re-mastered and Expanded Soundtrack * Director Liner Notes By Stuart Gordon * Composer Liner Notes By Richard Band * Heavyweight Old-Style Tip On Gatefold Jacket * Art By Marc Schoenbach Of Sadist Art Designs Waxwork Records is excited to announce the expanded film score re-issue to H.P. LOVECRAFT'S FROM BEYOND. Directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, Castle Freak) and starring Jeffery Combs and scream queen Barbara Crampton, H.P. LOVECRAFT'S FROM BEYOND is a 1986 Science-Fiction Body-Horror film featuring an immense and dynamic score by composer Richard Band (Re-Animator, Puppet Master). The music of H.P. LOVECRAFT'S FROM BEYOND by composer Richard Band won the award for Best Original Soundtrack at the ... mehr lesen