• 1.1. nothing
  • 1.2. all i want
  • 1.3. paname
  • 1.4. boom boom
  • 1.5. why
  • 1.6. if love is a killer
  • 1.7. velvet clouds
  • 1.8. cupcakes and candies
  • 1.9. let it rain
  • 1.10. i pray
  • 1.11. i'm a fool
  • 1.12. again
  • 1.13. forever and beyond
  • 1.14. fearless
24. November 2017
Genre: Pop



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Über diesen Artikel

Nach 4 Jahren mit ihrem selbstbetitelten neuen Album zurück auf Start und dabei so selbstbewusst und catchy wie früher!!

After 1.5 million records sold in 40 countries with her four previous releases, the soul singer Ayo comes back once again with a lively fifth album. It's not typical for an artist to self-title their fifth album. That's normally meant for debut records. But, while Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Ayo has four records under her belt, it's actually quite fitting that she chose the eponymous title. The 14-track record, which exquisitely blends folk reggae and pop with soul influences and a dash of hip-hop, marks many firsts for the artist and serves as her musical rebirth. The musical mission is crystal clear on Ayo: make ... mehr lesen