• 1.1. skype ghost
  • 1.2. club dread
  • 1.3. delphi
  • 1.4. queasy
  • 1.5. a hostile message
  • 1.6. healing labyrinth
  • 1.7. portal
  • 1.8. first delphic hymn (to apollo)
  • 1.9. cave moth
  • 1.10. castalian fountain
  • 1.11. ecstatic dance
  • 1.12. delphi's song
  • 1.13. some dust
19. Juli 2019
Genre: Dance



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Über diesen Artikel

Tristan Douglas returns to Planet Mu with his third Antwood album, the epic 'Delphi'. Tristan has always used conceptual frameworks to facilitate the writing process and 'Delphi' is no exception. This time Tristan worked with his girlfriend Olivia Dreisinger to develop a fictional character: the young lovelorn Delphi. She is represented throughout by a recurring melody, with the album developing the story around her. Deeper than this however, 'Delphi' represents the hurdles faced by modern lovers, and those felt personally by Tristan, as the album encompasses a wide range of his emotions. The character 'Delphi' finds solace in escaping to a place, her namesake, the ancient Greek city. She gets lost in her fantasy, realising it is not as she had ... mehr lesen