• 1.1. sundial
  • 1.2. crystallization feat. skip mcdonald
  • 1.3. v4641 sgr
  • 1.4. seven locks (in dub)
  • 1.5. the age of sin
  • 2.1. conquering lions
  • 2.2. trine
  • 2.3. the south node
  • 2.4. network restoration
15. November 2013
Genre: Elektro

a sagittariun

elastic dreams


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Über diesen Artikel

The shadowy UK techno artist, A Sagittariun, releases his debut album this November, to coincide with the Sagittarius zodiac period. "Dream Ritual" comes off the back of a steady stream of well received EPs from 'The Archer' on his own Elastic Dreams label, releases that have captured the imaginations of the electronic community for their depth and diversity, where old techno breaks collide with Detroit techno aesthetics, ambient dub sits alongside industrially charged electro, and many more sound palettes inbetween. A 2012 Resident Advisor podcast perfectly encapsulated the A Sagittariun mood, and the uninitiated should definitely check this out. "Dream Ritual" continues this journey through moods and tempos, each track sprinkled with this ... mehr lesen