• 1.1. sweet sensation - the melodians
  • 1.2. kingston town - lord creator
  • 1.3. now i know - ken boothe
  • 1.4. satisfaction - carl dawkins
  • 1.5. love of the common people - nicky thomas
  • 1.6. johnny too bad - the slickers
  • 1.7. blood & fire - niney
  • 1.8. stick by me (and i'll stick by you) - john holt
  • 1.9. a little love - jimmy london
  • 1.10. let the power fall on i - max romeo
  • 1.11. beat down babylon - junior byles
  • 1.12. money in my pocket - dennis brown
18. November 2016
Genre: Reggae


original vintage reggae classics


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Towards the close of 1968, the cool sound of Jamaican rock steady was supplanted by a jumpier, more energetic style that today we know as reggae. Within a year of its creation, this irresistible dance music went uternational', primarily through the efforts of Trojan Records, which helped place reggae singles on pop charts the world over. But by the mid-seventies, the relatively carefree sound of this early style of reggae had been widely replaced by a more serious, inward-looking style that primarily focused religious and cultural themes. This collection, highlights a dozen major Jamaican hits between 1969 and 1972, a time before the rise of roots and dub, when the music was made simply for having a good time. As with all releases in Trojan's ... read more