• 1.1. this silence kills
  • 1.2. tip tapping
  • 1.3. thirteen thirtyfive
  • 1.4. your flesh against mine
  • 1.5. you are my winter
  • 1.6. the undying need to scream
  • 1.7. ____________
  • 1.8. from one to six hundred kilometers
  • 1.9. hey beau
  • 1.10. texture of my blood
  • 1.11. gumache
  • 1.12. abrupt clarity


this silence kills

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Debut album for the singer Dominique Dillon de Byington aka Dillon - she made a winding journey from Brazil to Berlin via Cologne. Dillon is inspired by Billie Holiday, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeff Buckley, and highly recommeded by DJ Koze! Everyone knows that DJ Koze has prophetic qualities, and not just since he began dropping tracks under his guru pseudonym Swhaimi. You see, many years before, he also waxed oracular about the singer Dominique Dillon de Byington, aka Dillon: "She sings comfortably imperfect and true. She has character. I like her. She has a bright future ahead of her." And that future once prophesied by the wise Hamburg resident about the young artist from Berlin is now, as Dillon has sat down at her piano many times during the past ... read more