• 1.1. bring it to me
  • 1.2. number one
  • 1.3. do the charlie brown
  • 1.4. room to breathe
  • 1.5. chasing the funk
  • 1.6. unlikely assassin
  • 1.7. blind faith
  • 1.8. thanks and goodnight
  • 1.9. ashes to ashes
  • 1.10. bring it to me (the allergies remix)
26. Februar 2016
Genre: Hip-Hop

cooper, andy (ugly duckling)

room to breathe: the free lp

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Andy Cooper is an accomplished songwriter, performer, producer and arranger who hails from and resides in Long Beach, California. After graduating from Poly high school in the mid-1990's, Andy helped form and produce the Hip-Hop trio Ugly Duckling which, over the span of 20 years, released six albums while frequently touring the globe, their success has taken them to over 30 countries. Now, he's releasing his debut solo effort 'Room To Breathe: The Free LP' which features ten, high-powered tracks built on traditional Hip-Hop and Funk sound.