• 1.1. body & blood
  • 1.2. work work (feat. cocc pistol cree)
  • 1.3. summertime (feat. king t)
  • 1.4. inside out
  • 1.5. tonight (feat. gangsta boo)
  • 1.6. dream
  • 1.7. get up (feat. mariel jacoda)
  • 1.8. or die (feat. guce)
  • 1.9. taking off
  • 1.10. story 2
  • 1.11. dominoes
  • 1.12. williams mix (feat. tom erbe)
  • 1.13. run out




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Vinyl includes mp3 coupon. The LP and CD versions of this album are slightly different from each other. The LP version does not include the songs "Intro" and "Ends" found on the CD version but does include a slightly longer version of the track "Body and Blood". The vinyl version also includes a bonus feature of 100 locked groove audio loops on side 4, which are exclusive to the vinyl version of this release. "clipping. makes party music for the club you wish you hadn't gone to, the car you don't remember getting in, and the streets you don't feel safe on" (Press release for clipping.'s debut, "Midcity", September 2012). Since the above was written, things have changed for clipping. The band found that listeners were more ready for them than they'd ... read more