• 1.1. quiero a mi gente
  • 1.2. la camisa raya
  • 1.3. a las seis
  • 1.4. la aurora
  • 1.5. silvia maria
  • 1.6. goza la vida
  • 1.7. guana tangula
  • 1.8. por ti vivo triste
  • 1.9. mi muchachita
  • 1.10. el brinco de la pulga
22. Januar 2021

carbono, abelardo y su conjunto

guana tangula


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Carbonó's early work was different from his contemporaries. It was definitely not salsa, nor was it really cumbia. Rather, it was novel and genius polyglot stew of diverse musical strains with African roots but never before blended in this way. Styles like afrobeat, soukous and highlife were effortlessly stirred together with elements of the Cuban son, touches of Latin rock and funk, with a pinch of calypso, a hint of Haitian compas and even a dash of rock and roll, not to mention a foundation of local coastal Colombian varieties like vallenato and porro This 1980 LP still sounds refreshingly unique and hip today, as if Abelardo Carbonó y su conjunto were the missing link between the 1950s pan-Caribbean acoustic guitar-led sounds of Bovea y sus ... read more