• 1.1. dialtone
  • 1.2. midnight feature
  • 1.3. bed of nails ii
  • 1.4. morbid funeral
  • 1.5. lonesome traveler
  • 1.6. reservations
  • 1.7. elements cycling
  • 1.8. jaaneman
  • 1.9. know yr arrested
  • 1.10. chase scene
  • 1.11. scenic colors
  • 1.12. dead cop drama
  • 1.13. mandrax poisoning
  • 1.14. another day
02. Juni 2017

amos, emil



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FOR FANS OF: EMIL AMOS, GRAILS, OM, LILACS & CHAMPAGNE, DEMDIKE STARE, MADLIB, ENNIO MORRICONE and tasty SOUNDTRACK MUSIC! EMIL AMOS is not only the drummer of OM, GRAILS, LILACS & CHAMPAGNE, and singer and guitarist of HOLY SONS, but a true multiinstrumentalist. 'Filmmusik' is the first album he has ever issued under his own name. After a career that's stretched over 50 records over the last 20 years on many esteemed underground labels (Drag City, Thrill Jockey, Temporary Residence), Amos brings together all of his signature sonic styles under one record's concept. The vastly different sounds of his four bands are blended into one kaleidoscopic union that plays like a soundtrack to a very lonely and suspicious European suspense film from the 70's. ... read more