• 1.1. paper (max cooper remix)
  • 1.2. light (hauschka remix)
  • 1.3. the calm before (daisuke tanabe remix)
  • 1.4. resolve (floex remix)
  • 1.5. quail (hidden orchestra remix)
  • 2.1. the dream (penelope trappes remix)
  • 2.2. time (lone figures remix)
  • 2.3. luna (ben lukas boysen remix)
  • 2.4. trains (nuage remix)

ackroyd, poppy

resolve reimagined


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A year after 'Resolve' was released to critical acclaim, breath-taking post-classical artist Poppy Ackroyd releases 'Resolve Reimagined' with One Little Indian Records. The pianist, violinist, producer, and composer has teamed up with a collection of friends and artistic peers, including Hauschka, Penelope Trappes, Max Cooper, Ben Lukas Boysen, Hidden Orchestra, Floex, Daisuke Tanabe and Nuage.As remix albums go, 'Resolve Reimagined' is in a total league of its own; each track embarks on its own journey between genres, embracing unmistakable sounds taken from the original pieces yet each one radiates the essence of the artist that remixed it. The ground-breaking album explores life's constant challenges, and many of the songs are extremely personal ... read more